Willkommen bei der neuen expo-med Welcome to the new expo-med
Willkommen bei der neuen expo-medWelcome to the new expo-med 

About us

Known as expo-med jezischek we have been on the medical and cosmetic market for many years. All the time we remained a family bussines, founded 1976. We started as dealer in hospital supply and shortly after we started with the production of selfadhesive ECG electrodes. Being the first in Europe we hade to develop and build the machineries ourselves as nobody had experiance in this field. R & D and production was and still is the most important part of our business. In this very early stage any kind of measuring extremely fine current flows and the stimulation with fine currents became our goal. As with later developments our intensive was to enter niche markets - where either nobody was thinking about - or markets too small for the big guys - very important for small companies as ours.
Harald Jezischek, since 1988 working in the company, took over the medical part in January 2003 handling all business from expo-med.



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