Willkommen bei der neuen expo-med Welcome to the new expo-med
Willkommen bei der neuen expo-medWelcome to the new expo-med 


Electro Magnetic StimulationIn a few sessions visible results which are then

m a i n t a i n e d  and strengthens with one session every month!
R e d u c e s sculptures
firms body and muscles
P a i n l e s s - E f f o r t l e s s l y -
fast and easy.


30 minutes to change and shape the body in a natural and physiological way!

It has never been so easy shape the body.

It has never been so easy to get practical results.

It has never been easier to combine technologies.

It has never been so easy, natural and physiological.

It has never been easier quick and easy toning.

Endo Model Technology is based on strong magnetic charge pulses, it is not invasive, it is not dangerous, it works
selectively and deeply stimulates muscle function, excites the motor neurones without involving and affecting the
tissues, bones and internal organs.
It has never been so easy doing physical activity.



Endo Model Technology is:

# s i m p l e  a n d  q u i c k  t o position,
# automatic in programming;
# it is perfect for any sex,
# the age range,
# the area to be treated
# and the type of treatment requested.


Endo Model Technology works as HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic), high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, more commonly synthesised with the abbreviation EMS (Electro-Magnetic Stimulation), electromagnetic stimulation.

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