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H-Shape Body forming

First of all, H-Shape technique carries out a massage on the connective tissue, it produces a draining effect with a consequent blood circulation improvement and water retention reduction, it improves the skin property by producing oxygen and giving tone and elasticity, efficiently counteracting body imperfections.

Intended to:
Massage-Tone up-Re-shape

Multifunctional device certified to be used in professional beauty treatment.



H- Shape combines four different functional and complementary synergies in a simple and functional convenient treatment in order to „re-shape“ your body:
1 mechanical massage with rolls bi-directionally mechanical driven, they massage fibrosis binding and the local stasis of fat by implementing an efficient lymphatic drainage of the interstitial fluids.
2 the Vacuum suction  carries out a superficial vasodilation, improves the circulation system and gives the skin a light stretching. The suction allows a direct and accurate IR and RF radiation on the tissues and carries out the adherence of the mechanical rolls on the skin.
3 the bipolar radio-frequency has a good and intense penetration and a strong action on the subcutaneous tissue, it tones up and reinforce the skin through an internal warming of the tissues , furthermore, it stimulates the production of new collagen.
4 the InfraRed ray, by seeping through the skin, warms the dermis and it facilitates the perspiration fluids interchange of the skin.



H-Shape is the last innovative endodermal roller massage technique.

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