Willkommen bei der neuen expo-med Welcome to the new expo-med
Willkommen bei der neuen expo-medWelcome to the new expo-med 

Hammer Cell

(Fight against your cellulite!)


Fully automaticgel pump


The best solution you have ever experienced in
working with a gel.
Forget to look after a pot and a spatula to get the necessary amount of gel to the treatment area. This means to stop several time and not being concentrated on the work!
Just synchronies your work with the speed of
the pump to get the right amount of gel at any
given time.
Directly to the area you are working on.

Front of the unit

Presentation of a new technique of massage made by a high tech unit. It works directly on the cellulite area in order to combat and destroy cellulite fatty cells. It re-activate the healthy cells and blood and lymphatic
circulation which is very often down to the limit.
Naturally it´s side effect is a very good lifting and notification which is certainly as well very welcome.
As well it helps in re-shaping the whole body silhouette by forming muscular areas better and stronger.


You work on:

- accumulations of local fat cells
- Accumulations of local cellulite
- „orange“ skin
- Flappy abdomen
- Thigh
- Bottom
- Legs
- Arms



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