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Willkommen bei der neuen expo-medWelcome to the new expo-med 

Delivery Conditions

Delivery conditions:
Orders made verbally, by phone or fax or by e-mail are compulsory. Orders will be shipped only according our delivery conditions. We reserve ourselves the right to make part deliveries and to decline orders.
We will issue an order confirmation and PFI remaining valid for 2 weeks after date of issue for data.
2.    We reserve ourselves the right to change prices without notice.  Printing errors reserved. The prices are to be understood in EURO, ex works, excluding VAT, transport and insurance - including normal standard packaging.
3.    The risk for all deliveries is on the risk of the buyer by leaving the factory.
4.    Claims can be accepted only 14 days after receipt of goods. For special productions on OEM base deliveries of more or less of 15% must be accepted. The production is on the risk of the buyer and he is responsible for any patent infringement. At justified claims we deliver goods C&F, but not custom     cleared as fast as possible. Our warranty is valid only for the goods delivered by us and not for goods where our goods have been installed. Further claims for lost profit are strictly out of question. Warranty is calculated from date of production, machineries from date of first installation, trade products are warranted according to the original manufacturers.
5.    Taking back or exchange of orders delivered correctly are excluded. Goods ordered for evaluation and not returned within 14 days are considered as confirmed order and will be invoiced accordingly. A withdrawal is not possible later on. For agreed returns of goods a charge of 25% will be invoiced. For cancellations of orders however a fee of 25% will be charged on the amount of the order issued.
6.    For all orders only our payment conditions are binding. The buyer has to pay all costs of money transfer.
7.    If we ordered insurance on your behalf and damage arises during transport - the forwarder in charge has to be notified IMMEDIATELY as we cannot except later claims on transportations unless the forwarder does so.
PFI (pro-forma invoice) are valid for a period of 2 weeks for the pricing and 3 days for the given delivery time. If not confirmed by the buyer in this time we are free to alter either the price or the delivery time.
PFI for special prices is valid for 7 days and must be paid within this period.
Place of court is exclusively München/Munich-Germany and German Law and text is binding.

Warranty conditions:
1-  The installation of the equipment has to be done by an appointed dealer or importer. A proper training has to be
 made according to the manual.
    IMPORTANT: The grounding has to be verified from the installer.  This means as well that any connection and/or adapter between the unit AND the wall socket in the room, furthermore the socket itself. Electronic failures because of improper grounding are excluded of the warranty. A copy of this installation certificate has to be signed by the customer to confirm the training and the proper installation and has to be send to the factory within 30 days. Without this copy no warranty will be granted. As well an electronic insurance for overloads and thunder-storm, electric spices and lightning's with a self/rest payment of € 150,-- must be arranged.
2-  The warranty is granted for any material or construction fault from the day of installation.
3-  During the warranty all parts recognized to be faulty will be exchanged as fast as possible as far as they do not result on improper usage or improper trial of repair.
4-  Excluded is force major and transport damages.
5-  Faulty equipment have to be sent to our factory free of charge (with an invoice stating „price for custom purpose“ - not more than 100,-- US.$ to avoid import problems and high duty) - where they will be repaired as fast as possible. Repairs in the facility of the customer is only possible at prior acknowledgment and against pre-payment of all costs arising.
6-  For the time of a breakdown we will not compensate for any losses, neither direct nor indirect.
7-  The warranty is not valid for normal wear. Excluded are any wearing parts like fuses, lamps, tubing's, treatment heads, casing parts, electrodes, glass fibre and connection cables or external accessories.
8-  As well excluded are normal cleaning works or service works like changing of oil or cooling agents, especially problems arising of improper working.
9-  We reserve ourselves the right of aesthetic and technical changes.
10-  If substances and products - like micro-crystals and gels - are used which are not approved from us, all eventual problems are on the risk of the user.
This warranty is according German law and our German text is the original and binding.  Place of court is exclusively Traunstein - Germany.

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